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New York Improv Classes

Improv WorkshopsThe National Comedy Theatre improv classes are an exciting and fun approach for people from all walks of life: actors, writers, lawyers or plumbers, beginners to experienced performers, the skills we teach can be applied to all areas.

Ask any casting director what skills are most important when seeing an actor at an audition - the vast majority would answer that it is the ability to improv.

Our teachers have been featured in commercials, film and television as well as performed in theaters across the country and all around the world. Whether you want to perform improv in front of a live audience, nail that next audition or develop the skills that can help you on any stage, set or work environment, the National Comedy Theatre improv classes can help you achieve your goals.

We offer three levels of adult workshops, each building upon the lessons of the previous.
Class sizes are limited, and are taught in six week sessions.

Minor League
Fee $75/month
Prerequisite - NCT Second Semester

An advanced class which will bring all of the skills learned in the previous two workshops together, with a focus on live performance. In this class, the students are taught games directly from the NCT repertoire, which they will perform for an invited audience every month.

First Semester
Begins March, 2009
Six Saturdays
Fee $199.00
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A typical commercial audition runs less than 30 seconds. The ability to create instant characters and make quick choices is critical. This course focuses on getting you out of your head, making strong choices leaving a lasting impression that will help you get the role.

Second Semester

6 weeks
Fee $199.00
Prerequisite - NCT First Semester

Building upon the skills learned in Level 1, this class places a stronger emphasis on character and complex scene development. Improv theory, story-telling and advanced improv skills are learned as well as a myriad of short form games.  This class will culminate in an invited performance at our theatre.

For more information, call us at 212-629-5202

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